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Holguín, a province of Cuba, is located in the northeast of the island nation. The capital of Holguín province is Holguín City. The other important cities of Holguín province are Antilla, Mayarí, Banes and Moa. The province with land mass of 9300 square km supports a population of more than a million people. Holguín, Cuba is rich in flora and fauna with 25 percent of land covered with thick tropical forests. Christopher Columbus had declared this land to be the most beautiful site that eyes can behold.

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Holguin Cuba

Above is photo of Holguin Cuba and area!

History of Holguin:

Holguín has a highly developed tourism industry on the north coast with great beaches in Playa Guardalavaca. The eco tourism has also entered Holguín at Pinares del Mayari. The other happening places are Don Lino, Playa Esmeralda, Bahia de Naranjo, Cayo Saetia and if you are the culture freak then Holguín City is the place for you.
Holguín province was part of Oriente region earlier and got a separate identity in 1978. The fourth largest province of Cuba has extensive deposits of cobalt and nickel in its mountainous regions. The mining and related industries are the economic drivers of this region. Holguín, Cuba has its fair share of sugarcane, coffee, corn, citrus plantations and fishing industry adding to the wealth of Cuba.


Holguín City:

Holguín City is a fusion of modern and the ancient. The old city is characterised by straight, narrow streets, beautiful parks, numerous public squares, museums, handycraft shops and Victorian Churches. Museum of History, Museum of Natural science, San Jose Church, San Isidoro Cathedral, Cruz Hill with a 458 step staircase and the Cultural Centre at Marqueta Square are few of the notable icons of the old city. Holguín City also boasts of several hotels, discotheques, cabarets, ethnic cuisine restaurants, a variety of fun activities and a full night life.

Holguin City Cuba

Photo above is city Holguin in Cuba!

Other Places of Interest in Holguín, Cuba:

The province of Holguín, Cuba has many other interesting places. The fishing village of Gibara is a quiet and picturesque refuge away from the bustling beach towns. Here you can visit the old port with interesting colonial era architecture. The archaeological capital of Cuba is the village of Banes. The Bani Indo-Cuban Museum exhibiting tools and implements used by the islands first settlers is located here. Alexander von Humboldt National Park, Sierra Cristal Mountains, the Cuchillas del Toa Preserve, Silla de Gibara and Yaguajay Hills are few of the natural attractions of Holguín province in Cuba. Holguín, Cuba is a vacationer’s delight offering almost everything one looks for a rejuvenating holiday.


Above is photo of Holguin from the hill!

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